Agrippina´s Cattery


By caesarean section, Agrippina´s Bellis has got  little male kitten that stay with us

                                 Agrippina´s Fleur Miang SIB ny 24 have got kittens 8-7-18 with Nordskjærets Xellent Filosen SIB ny 24


         9-7-2018       17-7-2018



                        Elka reserveret


                      Elina  reserveret


                           Elon reserveret


                              Eia  Reserveret


                               Evan  reserveret


                           Egor Reserveret




                                     Agrippina´s Sonja SIB ay  have got kittens Agrippina´s Sir Lancelot SIB ns 09 24 

                                     If you are interested in a kitten after this pairing please contact Eva på mail:

                          Alva born 16-6-18 6 weeks in the picture  available