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About us:

We Else and Kurt has a little lovely breeding of Classic Siberian cats.

We live in a rural area and our cat has an outdoor exercise area, they are able to go out there as they like. Our cats do not run freely in our yard.

It is a very special personality that the cats has, it surprises anyone that learns the cat personally.


The Siberian cat is a semi long haired cat, the fur around the head and neck and half back is short. Around the middle of it’s back and down the fur becomes longer, the fur on the back legs and tail are long. The fur on the back legs makes it look like pants if you see it from behind. When kittens becomes older it gains the mane the Siberian forest cat usually has.


A short pedigree description of the Siberian cat:

 The cat is a medium sized cat, the female weighs from 3,5 – up to 5-6 kg.

The male cat from about 4 up to 7-8kg.

Head: The head is a little bit longer than wide, it is soft rounded forehead wide and slightly rounded highly placed and well-developed cheekbones.

The Nose is broad and of medium length, profile to be slightly internally. but without a stop.

The chin slightly backward sloping, in profile it makes a curve from upperlip to the nose.

The ears are placed with a good space between , leaning slightly forward, medium sized with well-developed hair inside the ears and tufts on top.

The eyes are big and slightly almond-shaped, with a good width between.

The Siberian is a muscular cat, with well-developed strong bones, a strong neck and a wide breast, legs are strong and of medium length. Paws big, round and with tufts. The tail long, thick with long haired fur and a rounded tip.

The fur (coat) is semi long, with a well-developed and very dense undercoat

Allergy free cat:

The Siberian cat is know to be almost allergy free, cause the protein FEL D-1 in the saliva (that is the matter that a cat allergy suffer cannot agree with) is only found in a very small amount in the Siberian cat’s saliva than in all other cats (which the cat use to clean the fur)  and therefore is harmless to most cat allergy sufferers. This has been clinical researched and tested in both Sweden And the USA. The Siberian cat is known to be a healthy pedigree cat.                                                                             

The Siberian cat is as mother nature has formed her for hundreds of year without man to fiddle with the genes, so the cat is clean from other cat’s genes, you may find the cat around homestead in eastern Russia and Siberia, the cat is closely attached to man, as it has for hundreds of year doing a good job  catching mice for the farmers.

Our cats has a enclosure where they can be, so that they wouldn’t run around loose in our garden  

We do care a lot about the health of our cats, therefore every adult cat from the age of one year is scanned for heart disease (HCM) so that we can be sure that we breed only on healthy cats, and we do scan the cats every year until the reach the age of 8 by following the Main coon’s health program, as to be sure that we only do breed on healthy cats.   The Siberian cats is not full-grown before the age of 5. Furthermore we do test for gene colour to avoid  colour point gene(Neva Mascarade) in our breed.

That we have decided to follow the healthcare program  does not mean that the Siberian cat are more vulnerable to genetic disease than any other pedigree, It only means that we are working seriously and organized to keep the healthy health that the Siberian cats have.

We wil willingly help you if you do need a test for your allergy if you are thinking of buying one of our kitten, we will post you a portion of fur from our cats , you then expose yourself more and more for the next 14 days, the the fur sample cost  75 or 10 euro.  A visit in our house, where you can have the the cats in your hands cost 300 or 40 euro. The payment to be paid in advance afterwards.

We are a member of Darak one of 4 main clubs of Felisdanica which is member of FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline). Else has completed a breeding course by DARAK wich mean we are certified breeders.

We do attend cat exhibitions because we like to have a judge's professional  wives of the cats, and we get information about the standard of our breed, from judges from all Europe. It is also good, informative and exciting to meet other cat breeders. If you like to see our cats result from exhibitions, just click on the cat you want information about.