Agrippina´s Cattery

About us:

We Else and Kurt has a little lovely breeding of Classic Siberian cats.

We live in a rural area and our cat has an outdoor exercise area, they are able to go out there as they like. Our cats do not run freely in our yard.

It is a very special personality that the cats has, it surprises anyone that learns the cat personally.


The Siberian cat is a semi long haired cat, the fur around the head and neck and half back is short. Around the middle of it’s back and down the fur becomes longer, the fur on the back legs and tail are long. The fur on the back legs makes it look like pants if you see it from behind. When kittens becomes older it gains the mane the Siberian forest cat usually has.

    Head shape         


Allergy friendly cat why:

The Siberian cat is allergy friendly, 80% of people with cat allergy are not allergic to them. The reason to this is because the Siberian cat is missing the protein FEL D-1 in its saliva, this is what cat allergics can’t endure. This has been researched in Sweden and USA as well so it has been proven correct.


We have decided that Our cats get a heart scan before we get them into the breeding program, then we are sure they are completely healthy and we are sure there is no diseases that can be inherited. We continue to heart scan them every year after the Maine coon cat’s health program. We also gene color test our cats, we do this in regards to future breeding.


From time to time we have kittens up for adoption, see under kittens and plans.