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                                                                              Buy a cat

If you are interrested in buying a kitten from our cattery or want to know more about the kittens

you are very welcome to E-mail us, look under contact.

price: a  breeding cat/kitten 1600,- euro The kitten will have the FiFe pedigree

The kitten will be vaccinated by the age of 8 weeks and then again 12 weeks.

The kitten will be microchipset, would be treated anthelmintic,

The kitten will be ready to move after 12 weeks, not before.

If the kitten is to go abroad, it vill be necessary for the kitten to be rabies vaccinated and have a international pasport. The kitten can not be vaccinate

before it is 12 weeks old, an then an additional 3 weeks time before the kitten can leave Denmark.

I reserve the right at all time to annul the contract for buying a kitten /cat at Agrippina´s cattery if I do not feel that the sale is in the best interest for the kitten / cat.

If we are to keep the kittens after the 12.t week, you must pay 14 euro a week, except if we await rabies vaccination.